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Preteen Nudity

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 21:04:00 -0500From: joshhmaxaim.comSubject: Dreams of Alex part oneThis story is completely written from my imagination and is only slightlybased on real characters and my fantasies involving them. Do not continueto read this if it is illegal in your jurisdiction or if you disapprove ofsex between two teenage boys.My eyes open as light from the morning sun finally penetrates through mycurtains and finds its way to my slumbering body. I groggily moan as I rollover and check the time on the digital clock by my bed. 6:12, in three moreminutes I was going to have to get up anyway because the docile lookingclock on my nightstand was set to wake me rudely at 6:15. I unhappilydecide that I mind as well get out of bed and turn it off now then toreceive the headache I know another wail from its speakers can cause. As Ilift the cover and get out of bed I finally remember the dream I had hadthe night before, only a small piece of the dreamlike puzzle that I almostnever remember all the pieces too, the consequences of the dream stillevident in my white briefs as I pull them off and go to my drawer to find afresh pair to put on. "I haven't had a wet dream since I was 12 what theworld is wrong with me," I say to no one in particular laughing a little onthe inside as I try and remember the feeling that must have ran through mybody as I shoot a full load of hot teenage cum in my undies. The image keptrunning through my head, I can hear him talking, by him I mean Alex, I cansee his facial expression as he stares up at me. Cocky, self assured andpowerful whatever he was smiling about had brought me over the edge andapparently was enough to provide me with the first wet dream I had had infive years. "Why Alex?" I think to myself. "I don't even like him, he's rude,disrespectful, and a white thug wannabe, why would he be the one giving methe wet dream?" I keep trying to process all of the available informationwhile subconsciously getting ready for school with little to no thought. Imake my way to the bathroom and try to solve the age-old question thatteenage boys have been trying to solve for decades. "How in the world can Ipoint my hard as a rock cock at an angle that it will land in the toiletbowl and not spray all over the bathroom as it would do if I didn't payattention?" I give up on my attempts and instead just kneel down in frontof the toilet and try to lean over the toilet bowl. The best way I havefound thus far to accomplish the task at hand (no pun intended). It doesnot take too much thinking for my piss to soon come gushing out at fullspeed, creating a whirlpool in the toilet bowl because of the awkward anglein which I am directing my pee from. Before too long it all comes to asteady Preteen Nudity drip and I quickly stroke the last few drops. My cock respondsaccordingly by getting even harder and sending a few waves of pleasurethrough my system. If only I had time for a quick morning jerk, I got to beat the bus stop in five minutes. I keep telling myself that I am going toset my alarm earlier so I can have a nice long jack off session beforegoing to school and rid myself of some of the teenage hormones that runrampant through my body and play havoc on the blood vessels that areconnected to my dick. As I make it back to my room my eyes catch a glimpse of the time onmy clock, less than three minutes, I really have to move quick. I pull onsome socks and shoes run my fingers through my hair as I check myself in mymirror for a split second before running out of my running and grabbing mybook bag by the door along the way. Off to school the location of 1000 boysof my dreams and also the setting of 1000 of my worst nightmares.I make it Preteen Nudity to the bus stop just seconds before I see the bus coming intoview. It comes to a stop and I almost reconsider and decide I would ratherbe at home when I hear the noise, chaos and confusion emanating for inside.I have to use all of my will power to force myself on the bus and when Ido, I realize there aren't any seats except at the very back of thebus. Being a senior, I knew all you need to know about school and all aboutthe things you do and don't do if you value your social life. The back ofthe bus was the farthest from the bus driver and in a bus of almost ahundred teenagers, he is the only adult. This usually means that all mannerof childhood mischief is rampant in the back of the bus, and since I alsovalued my academic life, I decided long ago that I would stay away frommost of that mischief. I have come to conclude that it has saved me frommany things that I am glad I never got into but it has also left me wishingI had experienced a little more rebelliousness before I become an adultwith "responsibilities" as my parents would say. I search the busfrantically as I walk down the aisle for a seat, any seat, finallyresigning my fate to the back of the bus. I sat down quickly with the boyfrom my dream, Alex, a 6th grader that looked like he was only 9 but actedas if he was 25. He and his friends ruled the back of the bus, usually itwas only seniors and high schoolers but unfortunately for me our bus had avery high proportion of middle schoolers and high school girls. I was oneof only three High School boys on the bus, and the only senior. Even thoughAlex had only been riding the bus one year he had quickly found his placeat the back of the bus."Look the grownup senior doesn't have any friends to sit with on the bus sohe has to sit with the cool 6th graders instead." He says with the world'sbiggest grin. Others in the around him start to break out in laughter andthrow things at him."Man you don't even look like you passed kindergarten much less 6th grade"came a retort from one of the older looking boys in the seat behind us."Hey, I'm big where it counts!" the little boy says with a mighty smirk anda quick glance toward the crotch of his shorts. I took my own quick look athis crotch and then a quick once over of his whole body. He was wearingreally baggy shorts that looked like if he move the wrong way they mightfall off, with an overly large shirt that would have better fit Preteen Nudity TheIncredible Hulk, and today he was Preteen Nudity wearing a large silver chain with arelatively large piece of "bling." If there was ever a prize for the mostthuggish suburban middleclass white preteen he would be the absolutewinner. Even though his demeanor tended to make one feel as if he couldbeat you up in a heart beat I wasnt to scared of him. I mean I was about5'10 while he Preteen Nudity was probably only 5' and although I was not a jock or rippedlike some guys were, in fact I was a lot smaller then some Preteen Nudity guys my age butI was still a lot bigger and stronger then this troublemaker.But Im broughtback from my mental wandering by some more playful banter between the two."Man you aint even got pubes yet. Who you trying to fool.""You're just jealous, I've been cumming since I was 8." At that time, I hadto look at him and then without even thinking my eyes took a quick glanceat the bulge in his shorts. Not being able to distinguish anything atall. "You see even the senior is envious, look at the way he's checking meout." My eyes fly in the opposite direction but it's too late the damagehad been done, he had caught me red handed."What? I wasn't looking at you I was looking out the window." I stammeredand stuttered one of the lamest excuses I could come up with in such shortnotice."I think...thinkk...I think he lying" laughs the boy behind us. Overlymocking the only slightly noticeable stutter from my last reply."Well he's probably surprised to hear I got pubes because he doesn't haveany of his own yet." Alex laughs while sitting up a little in his seat. "Just leave me alone. You guys are being jerks." I said but beforeI had even finished I already regretted saying it."You guys leave me aloneeeee!" cries another boy from behind with his handswiping fake tears from his eyes. "You guys better listen to him, he mighttell his mother on you next!""I'm not scared of his Mother, if that bitch tries any funny business I'lljust make her choke on my cock again like she did last week." Alex saysagain showing off with his big man on campus attitude that was three timeshis age. Anger swelling up inside of me was causing me to get a weirdexpression on my face and I wanted so bad to just reach over and punch thatlittle boy's lights out. It wouldn't be that hard he looked like I couldsnap his arms like toothpicks. Of course, it would hard to explain that tothe authorities I thought to myself only slightly amused. `Officer I swearhe deserved it he was calling me names'. How old was I again? I decidedthat I wouldn't let it bother me."You've got to use Preteen Nudity smaller fuckin' words Alex, virgin boy over hereprobably doesn't even know what a fuckin' blowjob is." Snickered the olderboy again."There's no way he's a fuckin' virgin he's got to be at least 17, I meangoddamn even I lost my virginity by the time I turned 11." I looked over athim unable to resist the temptation, right into his bright blue eyes tryingto read his mind. Is it true? Did he really loose his virginity already? Itried my best not to let it show how embarrassed I was, resolved to neverlet them know that in fact I really was a virgin like they thought. "So howabout it Senior" the boys said using it almost like a name now, "Are you avirgin or not?" I don't dare look him in the eyes and simply nod my head noand hope they drop it. "There's no motherfucking way that a real man wouldjust shake his head when a man asks him if he's fucked a girl or not. Areyou a man or not?" When he referred to himself as man a sharp explosion ofhormones shot through my body and a few more pieces of last night dreampuzzle fell into place. A quick image of him naked standing over melaughing and slapping Preteen Nudity my face as I suck on his cock fills my head as mypants start to fill with my instantaneous erection."Yes, I've had sex, now will you leave me alone please?""You hear that my good sirs he's had intimate relations with a member ofthe female species before, how delightfully interesting." Replied theyounger boy behind me. Showing off his spot-on pseudo-British accent. Alexfinds the boys reply to be so amusing that he laughs out loud for almost afull minute. His shifting back and forth on the seat leaving me with verylittle room in an already small space, I try and reclaim a small piece ofthe seat back so that I can sit down a little more comfortably."So since you've `had sex' what did your Preteen Nudity girl say when she saw you didn'thave pubes?" Alex says his voice still quivering on the edge of laughterstill."I have pubes now can you leave the subject alone!" I say quickly followinghis question getting more and more agitated by the second."So you won't mind if we take a look then huh?" the words don't even havetime to be processed before I feel someone behind me grabbing my arm andthen someone from the other side grabbing the other. I have no room tosquirm, I didn't have any space to do much of anything on this bus. Alextook his time bringing his hand down to the top of my shorts. With a shortflick of his wrist, he had them unbuttoned and unzipped and pulled them allthe way down.My heart stopped beating, all the sounds of the bus were muted and everyonestarted moving in slow motion. I could feel him as he pulled my shorts downand I felt as if I had just died, literally died of embarrassment, my heartsank and I closed my eyes. The sounds of the bus slowly getting louderagain. "Holy shit, he still wears fuckin' tighty-whiteys, I stopped wearingthat shit when I turned five." Alex says in complete disbelief. "No wonderthis guy is a virgin." He says laughing at me. Piercing my heart with everyexhale of breath. "Now I'm almost positive he doesn't have any pubes." Hesays as he reaches down again and exposes me to the whole bus. No one canactually see what's going on except for the two people sitting to the leftand the row behind us, but to me it felt like the whole bus Preteen Nudity was looking atme. All the sounds on the bus started to sound like laughter, my mindplaying terrible tricks on me as I see all the kids turning around, lookingat me, and laughing. I shake my head and find myself in the Preteen Nudity present againwith Alex laughing again, barely able to contain himself. "Oh mymotherfuckin' God he's tiny. Look at him guys I mean he look like he is ashard as a fuckin' rock but he's smaller then me!" My heart sank when hesaid that. Apparently, he had forgotten all about my pubes, which I didindeed have, now they had found the one thing I hoped no one would everfind, my 5-inch erection. "Are you sure it's hard?" Came the surprised reply from the boyholding my left arm. Alex takes this as permission, leans over, and touchesit, sending shockwaves through my body. I had to close my eyes and think ofbad things to try save myself from cumming, that would have been the end, Icould never go back to school if I did. I would be the laughing stock ofeveryone. The full feature movies plays in my mind as time stops, mewalking down the hall of my school with just my briefs and all the girlspointing and laughing and saying, "look it's the pervert who jacked off onthe school bus sitting next to a sixth grader." And "I hear that he cameall over the seat and when the bus driver saw him he laughed caused he wasso small." "Dude there's no way." He says as he wraps his fingers aroundit. "I jack my cock all the time and his Preteen Nudity feels twice as small." HillaryClinton naked, my mother in the shower, my dad in a Speedo, I start runningthrough all of the images I could think Preteen Nudity of to make my boner go away or inthe very least keep me from being so close to cumming all over Alex'shand. But then it all stops. His hand moves away Preteen Nudity and without thestimulation my thoughts start to do its work and I can feel it gettingsmaller. I look over to see why he removed his hand, kind of wishing thathe really would have jacked me off. I am surprised to see that he issitting up in his seat in a weird way and then without notice he pulls downhis shorts and exposes his green striped boxers. My cock goes instantlyhard again and all mental images are erased from my mind as my mind eyesnow tries to decode every single angle, bulge, and ripple of the fabric todiscern what he cock looks like. But it wasn't worth the effort because thepulls them down too and exposes his cock. The boy looked so small in everyother way and this only made his cock look even bigger. He had a veryrespectable patch of pubic hair growing and right below it he had a semihard cock that already looked like it was as big as mine was. I thought mymind was playing tricks on me and that it was just because his body was sosmall that his cock looked so big but as soon as that thought crossed mymind, Alex moved over toward me and started to compare his cock tomine. Pressing them up against each other so the other guys can see thatthe boy 6 years younger than me had a cock that was already as big as minewas. But then I felt it twitch against mine the blood racing to Preteen Nudity it as allthe stimulation finally caught up with the blood vessels. Soon his wasthrobbing and fully hard and was at least an inch bigger than mine was. "Shit, my cock is only 6 inches so his has to be less than 5inches, no wonder he hasn't had fuckin' sex yet. I wouldn't want a girl tofind out I had that baby cock between my legs either." I had my eyes closedagain trying to pretend that this wasn't really happening and that I reallywas only remembering the dream I had last night and in a few minutes Iwould wake up with a pair of wet briefs and start the day all overagain. But I opened my eyes and instead saw the middle school. Alex quicklypulled up his boxers and shorts and got a really evil look on his face. Helooked at his friends and apparently, they thought the same thing as theyall started laughing together. His hand was back on mine again and itstarted to jack me off. I could feel his small cold hand as it wrappedaround mine completely, the feelings coming from inside wouldn't even letme try to conjure up bad images. With only four strokes I could alreadyfeel my balls rising closer to my chest...one more stroke...breathing goingshallow...one more stroke...tightening in my crotch...one morestroke...waves of pleasure cascading all over my body Preteen Nudity sending me incomplete ecstasy...one more stroke my cum starts to escape my cock. Butbefore it does, Alex rips his hand away and pulls on my briefs all my cocksquirting out all over them covering my cock with hot teen cum. He laughsas the wetness of my briefs becomes evident. The boys holding my arms letgo and I instantly lean down and pull up my shorts. Before I even get thembuttoned though Alex pushes me out of the seat and I and pushed into theaisle and with all of the people leaving I have no way of getting out ofthe aisle. I am slowly forced to walk to the front of the bus and get offat the middle school. I watch as the bus drives away and turn to see ifanyone has noticed me, my eyes then quickly check out my shorts, the wetspots slowly showing through. I look over in the direction of the highschool, at least a quarter mile walk and I would have to do it quickly withcummed in briefs and then I would have to go to my gym locker and change,all without being caught, and without missing my first class.Part one of series hopefully. I will not write part two unless I get a lotof feedback. Please send an email to joshhmaxaol.com with comments,suggestions, and requests. I love any and all criticisms too, so feel freeto email me with those also.
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